The Neural Microsystems Platform (NMP) is a 400 m2 ISO 7 Micro-nanofabrication facility that provides a range of microfabrication and characterization equipment and technical expertise to the Campus Biotech community as well as, to date, external academic users.

The core mission of the NMP is to enable research and development in wearable and implantable neurotechnologies.

Unique to the NMP is the shared thin-film, organic and inorganic fabrication and imaging facilities. The NMP supports research in Soft Bio and Physical devices and systems bringing experts in engineering, life sciences and medical sciences to design the next generation technology, devices and systems for human benefits.

In addition to cleanroom processing, facilities include laser micromachining for diverse materials processing and a nanomaterials lab. For device packaging and hybridization, there is a suite of backend equipment available for wirebonding, pick and place, physical testing, ageing and sterilization.

The NMP operates via hands-on training and a shared user environment. Registration, training and fees are required to become a qualified user.

Users benefit from a close partnership with the platform staff to optimize and improve processes and design innovative process flow.