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The laboratory of Biopharmaceutics of the University of Geneva and Galenus foundation are excited to welcome you to the 1st Symposium on Particulate Systems Characterization for "Measuring The Invisible - A hands-on approach for the characterization of nanomedicines” Galenus NanoGVA Symposium

This symposium will give the opportunity to young researchers and PhD students to investigate and learn the state of the art in particles characterization and development, in order to increase the efficiency of a project buildout.

The Symposium will be held on a 2 days + 1 day of training for selected candidates. 

Worldwide experts on particles characterizations, as well as industries will participate to the event. Lake Leman’s will be the frame of an intense training and knowledge sharing for young scientists coming from all over the world. Poster sessions and hand-on training will be on the menu for selected promising candidates.

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