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The world is experiencing breakthrough science and technological advances at an unprecedented speed, which are sometimes hard to grasp. These discoveries will reshape how we view ourselves as humans, how we relate to each other in society and how we care for our environment.

The newly founded Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator Foundation (GESDA) aims to leverage the Geneva international ecosystem to:

  • anticipate the advances in scientific frontier issues,
  • accelerate the ways to initiate and accompany the development of related possible initiatives or applications, and
  • translate the latter into concrete actions and solutions on the ground, with global tools, through a renewed multilateralism based of science and diplomacy, creating new opportunities for different stakeholders to contribute to a better future.

At the inaugural GESDA Summit, scientists, diplomats, impact leaders (executives, investors, philanthropists, etc.) and citizens, will gather to drive reflective, inclusive discussions and sustainable collaborations, bringing anticipation-based science and diplomacy to the fore, in an effort to safeguard our collective welfare and make the most of where knowledge takes us. About 300 representatives of those four communities will come together in Geneva and play a major role in the future of multilateral science and diplomacy governance.

About the GESDA summit

About Under GESDA's vision of “Using the future to build the present”, the Summit will cultivate dialogue on critical future opportunities and risks, complementing the first GESDA Breakthrough Radar, to be disclosed at the event, and which content will infuse into all discussions. 

This flagship report will:

  • set the Debates related to the current challenges humanity has to face,
  • assess the Trends in scientific frontier issues along three timeframes (5, 10, and 25 years), providing an easy-to-read mapping of possible breakthroughs and their potential impact on people, society and the planet,
  • propose innovative Solutions to frame, guide or govern the development of scientific and technological advances, for the benefit of all on the planet.