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The SciFilmIt Hackathon is a three-day science filmmaking event followed by a cinema event. Researchers and artists combine their powers to create short science films in teams of four. Over the three days they are mentored by experts in film, science, communication and teamwork from across the globe. After the event, the teams take their films to the cinema for evenings of science cinema in which the public engage with science, scientists and artists and then vote to award a winner the title of the best film.

EVENT RESUMED: In the time since postponing the SciFilmit event, due to the immediate controls needed to reduce the impact of COVID-19 back in March, we have been making sure that we have a clear plan going forward. On that note, we are delighted to tell you that the SciFilmIt Hackathon Geneva will take place at Campus Biotech in September between 18-20, 2020, and your films will be screened at the cinema event on the 23rd on Youtube: 

COVID-19 MEASURES: We will be preparing the event in line with the necessary protocols for minimising risk regarding COVID-19. Sanitizers will be provided and other measures recommended then by the confederation and cantonal institutes will be in place. Also, due to the uncertainty of how the situation can evolve regarding COVID, we are also preparing an online format for the event if we enter into another lockdown.

FURTHER DETAILS: Please refer to  

We thank Campus Biotech, le fonds general de l'Université de Genève, the Swiss Centre for Affective Sciences (CISA), CUSO, la République et le canton de Genève and Nikon for the kind support.