jan 21, 2021

Since the start of the pandemic, biopharmaceutical companies have been working around the clock to develop COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, and they are doing so with the same rigorous scientific and regulatory standards for any other vaccines and medicines despite the pressure to deliver at speed and scale.

Evidence indicates public concern that corners have been cut and are asking about the safety of new vaccines. Legitimate questions and concerns around COVID-19 vaccines, as well as various myths related to their safety and effectiveness are highly pervasive around the world.

IFPMA is therefore joining the efforts of public health bodies and others to build trust in COVID-19 vaccines amongst both the public and health care professionals. On 25th January IFPMA will start with the rollout of its #TeamVaccines digital communications campaign.

The world doesn’t just need vaccines. We need people around the world to feel confident in getting them, when it’s their turn. This campaign is an opportunity for all of us to help spread confidence and trust in the vaccines!