Laboratory for Neurology and Imaging of Cognition

The team

The group working under Professor Patrik Vuilleumier (UNIGE) is studying the cerebral bases of perception, emotions and conscience, as well as the associated pathologies in neurology, in particular the after-effects of vascular cerebral accidents and rehabilitation techniques. Other projects aim to identify the brain networks involved in emotions, as well as the changes during psychiatric illnesses. such as depression, bipolar disorders, anxiety, and functional psychosomatic symptoms. Finally, the group is developing "neuro-feedback" protocols aimed at training healthy subjects or patients to regulate their brain activity through recording by functional MRI and EEG, with the goal of compensating for cognitive deficits or affective disorders. These innovative techniques of neuro-feedback through brain imaging and their application for patient rehabilitation after a vascular cerebral accident are supported by a prize from the Leenaards Foundation that was awarded to researchers in the group.