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In this workshop, we will address two common, unpleasant and still little discussed experiences that scholars can live during their academic career: burnout and impostor syndrome. The aims of this workshop are (i) to recognize these phenomena, (ii) to prevent the burden they can cause on professional life and on one’s own well-being, and (iii) to identify beneficial strategies overcoming these difficulties.

The workshop will start with a brief introduction of the topic, followed by two interactive interventions, including theoretical introductions and practice (Q&A, short questionnaires, and exercises). The first intervention will be led by Prof. Dr. Mioara Cristea (Department of Psychology, School of Social Sciences Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh) who will talk about the key characteristics of the impostor syndrome as a risk factor for developing burnout, and will provide techniques to help individuals to overcome this feeling. The second intervention, led by Tatiana Jenkins (CBT psychologist), will focus on burnout (at-risk profiles, and consequences) and the recovering process. The last part of the workshop will be dedicated to a hands-on session aiming at creating practical guidelines on how to identify, prevent, and manage these phenomena in our own institution, followed by a final wrap-up and round-table discussion.

Note: Prof. Mioara Cristea’s intervention will be in EN. Tatiana Jenkins’s intervention will be in FR, and slides and handouts will be provided in EN. Throughout the workshop, the Q&A can be both in EN and FR.

This event is free and open to anybody interested. However, registration is compulsory BEFORE OCTOBER 8TH at 

In case of large demand, participation priority will be given to the members of the CISA doctoral school.

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