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The aim of the Clinical and Sleep Research Unit (CSRU) is first to welcome patients in need of a calm and private environment when they come to Campus Biotech to take part in research trials. Close collaborations are established with neurological services, adult and child psychiatry and the sleep clinic at the HUG and CHUV to facilitate patient access to the laboratory. For this purpose, the Facility is equipped to monitor clinically ambulatory patients. It contains an automatized hospital bed, a tensiometer, a resuscitation trolley and a wheelchair. A room is dedicated to perform neuropsychological interviews (with video monitoring) and a battery of neurological, psychological tests frequently used is available for children and adults. Finally, a nurse/TSM technician is present on site for medical assistance if needed.

A second major axis of the platform is enabling research on sleep. We spend the third part of our life to sleep and sleep plays a fundamental role in brain functioning, like memory consolidation or emotions regulation. The platform contains two rooms each fitted with a comfortable bed, a table and a computer for issuing cognitive tasks. Its proximity to the other platforms, particularly MRI, is a considerable benefit and makes it possible to construct multidisciplinary research protocols where brain function can be measured using MRI before, during and after a night's sleep. Brain activity can be measured using a 16 channel EEG systems (Vamp) and if necessary the rooms can be equipped with other high density systems of the EEG facility. Different physiological parameters such as breathing, skin conductance and heart rate can be recorded. Air extractors have been installed to send odors during periods of wake or sleep. The rooms are under video control and all of the parameters are viewed remotely in the control room. Finally, the facility contains a relaxed seating area with a fully equipped kitchen and 2 bathrooms to fully welcome patients (and their relatives) and healthy volunteers in a private environment.

Scientific leadership of the CSRU is managed by Pr. Sophie Schwartz (UNIGE) and Pr. Friedhelm Hummel (EPFL/CNP). Dr. Virginie Sterpenich (FCBG) is the manager of this facility, and Loan Mattera and Nathalie Philippe the medical assistants.

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